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О блоге.

Our principle

The only way to define the borders of the possible is to exceed this borders into the impossible.

(Arthur Clark)

About The Project of The Artificial Intellect Home

© Veles-Engineering is a group of high-principled People united by the common aim.
The aim of The Project is the combination of efforts of developers, designers, engineers and programmers.
The aim of The Project is the creation of a complex of hi-tech decisions on the automation of life-support systems for the little-floor building.
We create automation decisions and projects for The Clever Home.

About us

The Initiator and the Project head - Lebedev Vitaly;
Logistics and analytics - Bychkov Andrey;
The Developer and the Designer of objects power supply and power consumption systems - Trunov Evgeny;
The Designer of houses - Hohulin Artyom;
Public relations - Hohulin Dmitry;
Promotion and sales - Kostyukov Pavel.

Design, installation, service.
The Artificial Intellect Home © Veles-Engineering
E-mail: domsymom@mail.ru, domsymom@ya.ru